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Aside from my wirework, I create Bridge Jewelry, as well as
beaded or embellished gift items

Bridge Jewelry is the work that fits between fine jewelry & costume jewelry. Bridge jewelry is created with precious metals - sterling silver, gold fill. Also, crystals, gemstones, freshwater pearls, high quality glass beads, lampwork art glass, etc. Bridge jewelry is not generally created using base metals, plated materials, or plastic. Bridge jewelry pieces are high quality accessories for every day wear. A quality piece of this kind of artisan jewelry should bring you many years of enjoyment!

A little more about what I create, soapbox-style!

With the flood of jewelry sellers opening shop on the internet in recent years, there has been an unfortunate trend. Many jewelry artisans are lowering their prices, many to near or even under cost for their work! I have thought long and hard about what my designs are worth. Certainly they are worth cost! Clearly a designer's work must sell for more than it cost to make it. When you purchase a painting, you are paying for more than the cost of paint and the canvas it goes on. It disturbs me to see artisans selling their original pieces of jewelry for a pittance. I believe it degrades the art of jewelry design. Those of us making quality items deserve to be able to sell our work at a fair price.

I do not use inferior materials. I take care in ensuring that my workmanship is sound. I create from my soul.
My prices are more than fair.
I take pride in my work, and I hope my buyers will take pride in owning an Ozmay design.



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